Because of the new situation, within few days we were built a new laboratory, what we dedicating to the research and development of the SARS-2 virus testing.

At the beginning, we build different platforms to see, which are the most effective ways to build a cost-effective test kit, and make it available.

Thanks for the German government – the responsible part LaGetSi ( Landesamt für Arbeitsschutz, Gesundheitsschutz und technische Sicherheit Berlin ) was accepted our request to certify the new laboratory -within a very short time, and we had a quick answer. We are sure, they will send for us they acceptance also within a short time – this is how they can support us – in this way THANK YOU the quick reaction time, to use our time in the most effective way to fight with the virus.

Also we want to say THANK YOU to Berlin Biotech Park Buch – where our laboratory is. The amazing help, flexibility, quick responses were made our work more easier to build our new laboratory. It was a real team work, like a family together.